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Venezuela’s Maduro pens open letter to Americans

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has released a letter addressed to the American people urging them to prevent what he calls the madness that drives the government of President Donald Trump.

In the letter, Maduro says Trump seems determined to fulfill his threats of a military invasion against the Latin American country. Maduro stated that the country cannot accept war threats, nor the intention to install an international guardianship that would violate the country’s sovereignty. 

The Venezuelan leader also demanded an end to the illegal sanctions and blockade by the US, which have impeded the import of humanitarian goods to fight the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Maduro said Trump must by no means be allowed to “lead the US into another conflict, like in Vietnam, or Iraq.”

Venezuela’s senior officials have highlighted Maduro’s statement, demanding that Washington cease its aggression against the country. The opposition, however, claims Maduro is trying to mislead the American public.

Meanwhile, socialist officials say all ways of US hostility must be finished unconditionally. In this context, experts say that the letter from Caracas will strike a chord with many Americans.

The letter from President Maduro comes at a time when the US has escalated its hostility against Caracas through drug trafficking accusations and military threats.

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