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Video- Anti-tear gas protest held in New York

The streets outside the Egyptian consulate in New York are far from Tahrir Square but protest has found its way here as well.

Dozens of demonstrators railed against what they say is the use of excessive force against the citizens of Egypt that includes bombing them with caustic tear gas.

Since the Arab spring began earlier this year, the Egyptian military has clashed with protestors countless times. In many of these encounters, tear gas manufactured in the United States, found its way into to ears, throats and lungs of thousands of people who were pushing for the overthrow of then President Hosni Mubarak and now the military panel that replaced him in February.

Protestors held up signs as cars drove by during the Thursday evening commute. People here say they want U.S citizens to know that their tax dollars are being spent to send tons of the choking substance to the Egyptian government. All this while President Obama publicly declares that the citizens of Egypt should have the right to seek change in their own society.

The next stop for protestors was the office of primary stockholder of Combined Systems Incorporated the company that mass-produces much of the tear gas made in the US and shipped worldwide. As demonstrators tried to block the entrance of the company, private security guards grabbed and shoved them to the ground.

Last year the Egyptian government received more than seven tons of tear gas from CSI. The company through its website boasts that it sells quote “an innovative line of less-lethal munitions, tactical munitions and crowd control products”.

Many of these protestors have also been a part of the Occupy Wall street demonstrations that start back in September. They say taking part in this cause is repayment for what they describe as the inspiration they received from the people of Egypt.

But moving into its 11th week Occupy protestors in a number of cities have seen similar force used against them to clear out their camps and dwindle their numbers.

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