Video: Battle footage of Liwaa Al-Quds, Syrian Army capturing Handarat Camp in Aleppo



On Friday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Liwaa Al-Quds (Palestinian paramilitary) launched a powerful assault at the Handarat Refugee Camp in northern Aleppo, seizing the entire district after a fierce battle with the jihadist rebels of Fatah Halab.

Following their advance to the Shuqeif District, the Syrian Arab Army and Liwaa Al-Quds were forced to retreat from all of the areas they captured after a large-scale counter-attack was conducted by Fatah Halab on Friday night.

Video footage of Friday’s battle at Handarat Refugee Camp was captured by Russia’s ANNA News:

The Syrian Armed Forces and Liwaa Al-Quds are attempting to recapture the Handarat Refugee Camp at the moment, launching several attacks against the Fatah Halab militants defending this imperative district.

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