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Video-Egyptians rally to denounce army’s violence

Thousands of Egyptians overflowed to Cairo Iconic Liberation Square on Friday to participate in a major protest named “Regaining Honor and Defending the Revolution.”

Protesters say, the aim of this demonstration is to denounce the violence of the military, especially against women protesters over the past week and to demand the ruling generals to hand over power to a civilian authority.

Many women were present in the square to express their outrage over the pictures of soldiers stripping a woman off her clothes as they were dragging her in the street during a crackdown by the military on protesters last week.

Also, protesters have called for the rights of the martyrs who were killed in the deadly unrest that erupted when military forces tried to forcibly disperse a 3-week-old occupy cabinet sit-in demanding an immediate end to military rule.

According to latest reports, at least seventeen were killed and several hundreds injured during the latest clashes as the military forces threw fired live gunshots at peaceful protesters. Also, a research center established during France’s 18th century invasion was badly damaged.

The crowd roared with anti-military slogans calling for the downfall of Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in an echo of the protests that led to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak back in February.

Protesters reiterated calls for the immediate transfer of power to elected civilians as many have lost their trust in the country’s ruling junta whom the protesters accuse of attempting to seize a grip on power.

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