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Video- Gaza fears another israeli war amid unity talks

Gazans fear another major zionist israeli attack is planned against the blockaded coastal enclave following the positive developments in unity talks between Hamas and Fatah.

Last week Hamas leader Khaled Mashal and acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmud Abbas met in Cairo and expressed a great deal of understanding and enthusiasm for working together towards Palestinian unity.

israel has already threatened to cut off the Gaza Strip’s meager supply of electricity and water in response to Palestinian unity talks.

And on Sunday israeli warplanes bombed three areas in the Gaza Strip.
The Palestinian Non Governmental Organizations Network who represents 133 civil society organizations has condemned the israeli threats.

israel has also vowed to confiscate Palestinian tax money which it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority if a unity government were to be formed.

Some experts say that israel plans to drag Palestinians into a military conflict to continue its policy of oppression indefinitely.

The mood in Gaza is of hope and fear following the recent developments in Palestinian unity.
They hope for unity among Palestinians but also fear a new israeli aggression against the blockaded coastal enclave.

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