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Video- IAEA follows US steps on Iran report

Iran’s envoy to the IAEA has said the agency’s resolution against Iran’s nuclear energy program will not affect Tehran’s determination to pursue its work.

Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh made the remarks shortly after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors issued a resolution against the Islamic Republic.

The resolution voiced “deep and increasing concern” about Tehran’s nuclear program, and also called on Iran and the IAEA to intensify dialogue to resolve the dispute over the Iranian nuclear energy program.

Soltanieh stated that the agency’s resolution will only strengthen Iran’s will to continue its nuclear activities.

He also described the IAEA’s recent report on Tehran as unbalanced, unprofessional, illegal and politicized.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohsen Saleh, professor at Lebanese University, to share his opinion on this issue.

Following is the text of the interview:

Press TV: First of all, why is it that the IAEA insists on basing its resolutions on unproven and “supposed” allegations?

Saleh: Well of course that proves that this organization should belong to…and for international peace not under the umbrella of American hegemony in the region and I guess most of these organizations have been really an instrument for the American policies in the region. So they did not take their decisions or resolutions or any kind of political steps or even technical steps against the countries in the region whether Iran or Syria or other countries except for the American policies.

That’s why we’ll see from what so-called allegations of the plot against the Saudi ambassador or concerning specially the Iranian nuclear program. I guess from the early on, they have been continuing their war against the Iranian policies or the Iranian internal policies even and that shows us and the international community even, the Russians, the Chinese, some of the Europeans even that the United States is ragging these countries into a kind of abyss in terms of international policies.

They are really driving the international community into a lot of mistakes from the invasion or before the invasion of Iraq, invasion of Afghanistan and now what they are doing against the Islamic Republic of Iran and this is their political behavior and Amano it seems like Ban Ki-moon, both are really employers for the American policies. They bring them, they dictate to them, they tell them what to do and what to say.

Press TV: Professor what about the West in their angle of approach to the IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear activity? Many observers say they are only listening to the parts that sound melodic to their own ears.

Saleh: Well I don’t think so. Till now, the Western countries haven’t proven any kind of political independence especially concerning the Islamic republic of Iran but however, they tried to distinguish themselves in some steps, well partial steps, and marginal steps, not in the core political issues of the Islamic Republic and especially concerning the region, the Middle East region.

They have plans for this region, they want everybody and this region to obey like some of the Gulf States and other also of Arab countries and that’s why they are trying to move some factional feelings and emotions in order to divide the region.

And that’s why they are using the IAEA and using some countries in the region in order to say, well look, even the neighbors of Iran, they feel that they fear this program and that’s wrong because they have not any piece of proof to say well, this program is a military program. They did not show even the Russians or the Arabs or the Chinese even the West. The West is not convinced that this program is a military program.

Press TV: And would you say that there are hypocritical tendencies in the activity of the IAEA when it come to the issue of Israel which is not a member of NPT and refuses to comply with the IAEA regulations but is also well known to have at least 200 nuclear warheads, your thoughts on that professor.

Saleh: Yes absolutely. That’s why they really use blindness in terms of not only military all times they use this uranium inside Lebanon, they use it in Gaza and well that’s if we disregard the 200 or more nuclear heads in this Zionist entity and even they don’t dare, they don’t tell people even to dare to talk about this nuclear program of the Israeli program.

This program is an American program, is a Western program and I remember here the Brazilian president when he said look, the Americans have thousands of heads of nuclear weapons and they invade the whole world and they talk about the civilian program of Iran as if something danger is stemming from this program. This is really not only hypocritical, this is something inhuman, this is something barbarian opinions from the region.

They don’t want this region to be knowledgeable, they don’t want it to develop itself, they don’t want it to be self support in terms of energy and in terms of policies, in terms of well, everything. That’s why they are trying to boycott and put all these sanctions. What about from 1979 the Americans are trying to boycott and put sanctions from the United Nations and from other organizations on Iran when a time there was nothing called nuclear program so they are continuing a war against Iran.

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