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Video-‘Indignant’ protestors hit streets in Madrid

The latest call to action from the 15-M movement brought together thousands of people in central Madrid to join the ‘Indignant Parade’, which oozed humour and creativity and whose organizers wanted to reclaim “the role of citizen participation in politics in front of the markets dictatorship”.

The indignant parade began in a tenser environment than in other events organized by the citizens’ movement, which resulted in a police charge and one person arrested.??

After the first moments of tension, the indignants started walking at the rhythm of the music screaming “innocent, innocent”, in reference to the day on which it took place: the Spanish All Fools Day. The theme of the event had been precisely: “We have lost our innocence”.

Lidia – Indignant Movement: “On All Fools Day we vindicate that ‘We have lost our innocence’ and we are making another alternative parade. I think there have been arrests, that somehow there really is repression, although I have not seen it”.

At the parade, many puppets marched that popularly symbolize all the innocent people and most of the demonstrators were dressed up.

As on other occasions, the protester’s profile has varied between young, old, teachers from the ‘green tide’ and members of the indignant movement.?

Mar?a – Indignant Movement: “I have come to denounce the real criminals, who always stay in the background. They put the politicians forward to put up their circus, and they take turns: now the conservatives, now the socialists. It does not matter. The real criminals are behind: they are the big banks”.

Of course, the problem of unemployment was also present.?

Manolo – Indignant Movement Economy Group: “We have been distributing a statement in which we show that there is a great public delusion, with a false reality on public debt in order to justify their taking away of our resources, rights and money”.

Leading the way, a tow truck could be found with banners that remarked the right to “adequate housing and social rent”.

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