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Video- Interview- ‘Egypt in continuation of the revolution’

Many observe that the revolution which led to the collapse of Mubarak’s regime in Egypt has now been seized by a military junta while revolutionaries continue tp demand a civil government.

Some experts term the ruling military junta a continuation of the regime of Hosni Mubarak, accusing the junta of attempting to serve its own interests in the upcoming elections.

Jamal Wakim, professor at Beirut International University, joins Press TV to share his opinions on the issue.

Following is a transcription of the interview:

Press TV:What has taken place so far Mr. Wakim, do you think that it is basically healthy, or is it that the military junta is basically just trying to suppress the wants and needs of the people?

Wakim:What we are witnessing now in Egypt is a continuation of a revolution that didn’t achieve its objectives. It happened several months ago but it was able to remove the head of this regime; however the regime continues with this military council who are trying to preserve the interests of a whole caste that benefited from the previous regime for four decades.

So after several months there were expectations by the Egyptian people. These expectations weren’t met – the military junta tried to up hold power while trying to play or acquire a democratic veil. However, they wanted to preserve power for themselves, they wanted to contain the frustration of the people and thinking that the people will at one point lose faith on one hand or lose patience, or be convinced to go back to their homes.

I think that we are witnessing a new revolution in Egypt, that will eventually achieve a major reshuffle in the political strata and it will lead to the rise of a new leadership on all levels. I think that it is a bit hard moment for the demonstrators because they are facing, still the old regime, the remnants of the old regime which are still very powerful which are still in control of major segments of power and authority. They are trying to crackdown on demonstrators, but I think that the more this crackdown on demonstrators is exerted by the military junta, the more it will lead to maturing of the demonstrators and to the elaboration of a new leadership of the revolution.

Press TV: Mr. Wakim your take on this, because a lot of the revolutionaries now are calling for at least a delay, because they are fearing that the military council will use this to their advantage right now, and because of the security situation take advantage. What is your take on holding the elections on Monday, the parliamentary elections?

Wakim: The military council will use these elections to promote certain figures from among the previous figures of the regime, from among the national party, which ruled Egypt for nearly three decades under Mubarak, because for them these figures will represent a democratic veil for a military rule, so that is why the demonstrators are calling for a delay so that they would be able to prepare themselves, especially that the situation now is a situation where they are under persecution.

They are being besieged in Liberation Square, they are being – some figures are being captured, they are put in jail. We cannot say that the military aren’t responsible for the killing that is occurring in Meydan al-Tahrir – because it’s the military council that upholds power. Either it uphold power and prevents killing by “rogue elements” quote unquote, or it will be responsible for the killing, executed by this rogue element.

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