Video-Lebanese Southerners Commemorate 13th of Muharram

Thousands gathered in the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh, in the cold and under the rain to march in commemoration of the 13th of Muharram, the day Imam Hussein Bin Ali, the third Imam, was buried after being martyred in the battle of Karbala.

Several religious and political officials participated in the mourning march, the most prominent of whom was Hezbollah’s executive council chief, “Sayyed Hashem Safey-dine”, who assured that as long as there is tyranny in the world, the torch of Imam Hussain will be carried on from generation to generation.

Young and old the participants gathered in honor of the memory of the Imam whom they consider an inspiration and his doctrine an inspiration that has led them to harvest victories in their own battles.

Moreover, the marchers wore their shrouds denoting their willingness of martyrdom and sacrifice, and raised their voices to declare the slogan “We are not of more worth than you Imam Hussain, nor are our children of more worth”.

Despite the passing of over 1400 years Muslims have yet to forget their beloved Imam “Hussain”, whom they consider to be not only a religious authority but revolutionary political idol as well, and thus every year the people here gather to renew their vows to their Imam raising the slogans “Every Land is Karbala and everyday is Ashura”.

The battle of karbala and the martyrdom of imam Hussain in muharram represent for these people the revolution of the virtuous versus the wicked, a revolution that the large Lebanese community, particularly the southerners say they have inspired from.

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