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Video- ‘New IAEA report is a US fabrication’

The latest International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran is just a fabrication created by the United States, according to political analyst Hisham Tillawi.

He made the remarks in an interview with Press TV.

Following is the text of the interview:

Press TV: Let’s look at this, Hisham Tillawi, in terms of the illegality of the charges that have been leveled against Iran and… the constant threat of foreign intervention. I mean, that in itself is a violation of Article 2 of the UN Charter, which forbids member countries from threatening or using force against other countries. Whatever happened to international rights?

Tillawi: Well, we need to forget about international law and international rights and what is right and what is wrong. We need to look at the language of force. That is the only language that can be understood today, and it’s the only language that is in the works right now.

We really should not be looking at this report by the nuclear agency as anything but an American fabrication. It’s not the first time, this fabrication, and they don’t really need documents, they can make these documents. And if you remember the mobile labs that they had talked about at the United Nations that Saddam Hussein had, and of course it was all nothing but lies.

We have two things here in the works right now. We have israel, that is in the process of becoming actually a superpower, and it wants to be a superpower, and these countries that are in the Middle East right now, the Arab countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran, are standing in the way of israel becoming a superpower. So they are in the process of destroying these regimes, even though these regimes were not really totally against israel, like the Arab regimes, but they were in the way, so to speak. And then now we have the Islamic Republic of Iran… Now they have Syria that they are worrying about right now. And there are two faults to what is going on. If israel wants to attack, they will attack, and then they will say why they attacked, and they can fabricate anything that they want after the attack. But right now they are trying to actually put pressure on Iran by these threats to… what is going on in Syria. They want Iran [to step] away from Syria. So they think that if we pressure Iran with this nuclear thing, then Iran might step away from Syria and from helping Syria, the way they see it of course, the way they allege that Iran is helping Syria.

So this has a lot to do with what is going on in Syria and what is going on in Iran. But the second question is why israel gets to have these nuclear bombs… and other countries cannot. That is the second question that everybody should be asking.

The third issue here is they want to actually [control] what is going on in the Arab world. They want to have a nuclear Iran, actually scare people [with] a nuclear Iran, so these Arab countries… align themselves with the United States. And of course, aligning yourself with the United States is aligning yourself with the zionist regime. And they want to have a reason for their people to say that Iran is working on this nuclear bomb so that is why we are opposing it because these Arab countries that are opposing the regime in Iran, their people are not totally with them, so they want to bring their people with them. So there are many feuds that actually have nothing to do with Iran and what is going on. So israel, the zionist regime, is also putting pressure on… Iran, hoping that in the near future they will have a change in that regime, to go along with the change of regimes around the Arab world, to have a Middle East with pro-Western, pro-israel… regimes… So this has really nothing to do with a nuclear Iran or not. They can fabricate any reports they want, and they can go and attack without any reason anyway.

Press TV: Peter Rushton [the other guest of the program] said it’s the final throw of the dice. But who is going to buy it? I mean if we look at the United States, israel, even the UK, problems from within, mass movements, people are not happy with the government, and let’s focus on… the Middle East, the credibility of these accusers. I mean, the United States has a long list, torture allegations, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, the US assassination drone attacks… which have killed a thousand innocent people, not to mention the wars, the nuclear stockpile. Who is going to buy what they are trying to do in the region in this case?

Tillawi: Well it doesn’t matter who is going to buy it, and it doesn’t matter if anyone buys it or not. They don’t need anyone to buy it, and they don’t need to sell it to anyone. They are going to do what they are going to do. So we are concentrating on like what is going on today. We need to look at the whole picture. And I really don’t think that the United States’ policy is struggling in the Middle East. I don’t think israel is struggling in the Middle East. You know the latest report, of course we knew that, like some of the fighters, the revolutionaries, in Libya were paid by the CIA. The latest report was [about] the vice commander of the Tripoli military council there. He lives in Ireland. He has an apartment there. They found $200,000 there. He said that he got it from the United States Secret Service.

So I don’t agree that these revolutions that we are witnessing in the Middle East actually are true people’s revolutions. I refuse to accept that. The United States is in the middle of all these revolutions, the zionist [regime] is in the middle of all these revolutions. I am not suggesting that these people are dying in the streets for the United States or for the zionist regime. No. But let’s not say that they are struggling. They are not struggling.

And the United States does not need to sell. They control the media around the world. They even control the media in the Middle East… They control these governments in the Middle East. So let’s not really think that the United States and israel are going to have a hard time selling their story to the world.

Let’s remember they sold the destruction of Iraq, they sold the destruction of all these countries, they sold the destruction of Afghanistan, and all they have to do is to put a spin on it that Iran was going to… we remember when they said Saddam Hussein is an evil man and he is going to destroy the world. You know, they can say Iran is going to destroy the world, and everybody will put a spin on it. And now people of intellect around the world, they are going to understand that they are lying, but 90 percent of the masses out there, they are going to believe it. If you control money around the world and you control the media around the world, you can sell anything to anyone.

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