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Video- OWS plans massive spring demo

Police boots on protester’s necks and journalists getting beaten and arrested. These are some of the images of late last year as the Occupy Wall Street movement took the US by storm.

The scene for mid February however is different one of talking planning and organizing and it’s up to the General Assembly to try to hold it all together.

There are as many groups meeting, as there are causes however with working groups on Arts and Culture Visions and Goals Direct Actions and dozens of others.

The Occupy Farms Working Group is trying to teach people to grow their own food in an economy that continues to deteriorate

So many different working groups many ideas many objectives. It begs the question has Occupy become too diluted? We spoke to one original organizer who told us what to look for not only in the coming year but over the next decade.

Justin Stone-Diaz has been with Occupy all day every day since the beginning. As such he’s called on to mediate disagreements and keep meetings on course. The long-term goal he says is General Assemblies in neighborhoods nationwide effectively providing a more responsive accountable governmental body than city state or federal governments. The biggest challenge now he says is to stop talking and start doing.

Much of the talk on Thursday centered around the possible eviction of Occupy Newark a nearby city that’s cash-broke from decades of corruption.

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