Video- Portugal police under public pressure for violence

There had been clashes between the police and what they say where “radicals” after one day of strike that paralyzed Portugal. What happened after made the headlines the entire weekend.

A group of policemen dressed as civilians was not expecting to be recorded while beating an unarmed young man. According to eyewitnesses, they used at least one stick, which is illegal.

The footage quickly made its way to mainstream websites and TV channels, sparking controversy. Some opposition members and social platforms demanded an investigation.

One of those platforms is the October 15 movement, which was present at the demonstrations who ended in front of the Parliament last Friday.

This is not the first time the media report on police brutality in Portugal. But this could be the first case involving policemen dressed as civilians.Some analysts say that these clashes are signs to the severe social tensions yet to come here in Portugal. The recession announced for 2012 and the austerity measures could trigger serious problems and social instability.

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