Video- Terrorists thank Israel for raid on Syria

The spokesman of terrorists based on Homs has thanked Zionist regime for attacking Damascus suburbs.
Hassan Rastanawi, who was talking to channel two of the Zionist TV, believed that the attack was a source of ‘extreme joy’ for armed rebel groups in Syria.

He said that the attack made the rebel groups rejoiced. In a response to the question by channel two presenter on Syrian internal developments, Rastanawi said that in recent days, Syrian army has progressed much in several fronts, which weakened the spirits of the fighters, sinking them into despair.

“But the attack was a blow to the Syrian army and a source of hope for rebel groups,” said Rastanawi.

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The surprise thank came while FSA and other terrorist groups, had posed themselves as Israel’s enemies before; fighting Assad as a prelude to fight Israel, claiming that Assad had not acted decisively in taking the Golan Heights from Israel.

Months later, now hidden aspects of Syrian crisis are revealed and terrorists’ actions, especially their thanking Israel divulge much of nature of crisis.

Syrian terrorists, indeed, are like US and Israeli soldiers fight Assad as the strongest figure opposing Israel in the Middle East.

Terrorists thank Israel for raid on Syria

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