Video- The Lovers of Hussain Kashmiris mark Ashura

Tens of thousands of lovers of Imam Hussain(muslims and oppressed people) commemorated the death anniversary of prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussain ibn Ali .

Mourners flooded the streets reviving the memory of the battle of Karbala some 1300 years ago. Ashura marks the climax of the remembrance of Imam Hussain along with his 72 family members who faced atrocities at the hands of yazid.

For Muslims this martyrdom signifies an example set by Hussain Ibn Ali ,that for the sake of safety of islam and its teachings one should sacrifice life rather than surrender to the evil forces.

Muharram and Ashura the tenth day has its rituals like wearing black which signifies grief ,chest beating in public which signifies pain mourners congregate at mosques and sorrowful recitation of events takes place .
Over all these centuries, Muslims and Oppressed People have kept reviving the memories of this sacrifice and make it a point for upcoming generations to mark this greatest sacrifice of man kind.
The prophet’s son-in-law Ali and Ali’s elder son Hassan and the companions of imam Hussain during the battle of karballa are also remembered during this period as having suffered and been martyred for righteous causes.
A precautionary curfew was imposed by authorities in some parts of Srinagar fearing the potential tensions.

Imam Hussain is viewed by the Muslims and Oppressed People as the symbol of resistance, piety and decency. Each year, Muharram reminds them of Hussain and the message he left by his martyrdom which is an example for centuries to come

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