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Video-Thousands rally against Russian government

For fair elections, fair politics and political reforms.

Scores of people took to the streets in Moscow to voice these demands to the government – three weeks after the parliamentary polls which they say were not fair.

Opposition politicians, rights activists, prominent public figures and ordinary citizens joined the rally.

They demanded the parliamentary elections should be rerun, and the Central Election Commission chief should step down.

They called for the release of political prisoners and the adoption of democratic laws.

The protest is a continuation of the anti-election rally held on December tenth – when tens of thousands of people took part in the largest demonstration Moscow saw in years.

As then, many chanted anti-Putin slogans and that they do not want to see him as next president.

President Medvedev promised political reforms – simpler rules for party registration and direct governor elections which were scrapped by Putin seven years ago.

Many welcomed it.

The authorities vowed the upcoming presidential vote would be transparent and fair, while fraud claims would be investigated.

The country’s leaders accused the West of being behind the protests aimed at destabilizing Russia.

Anti-election demonstrations with the same demands are being held in dozens of cities across the country.

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