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Video- War profiteers support US politicians

The war profiteers are sponsoring the political campaigns of most US politicians, and they only protect the interest of special groups which will get them back in the office, a political analyst says.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV, DC Office Coordinator for CODEPINK Alli McCracken explains the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Press TV: Let me ask you Alli McCracken, was there harsh police tactics in Oakland, and is the Scott Olsen incident a game changer? It is an irony, isn’t it, that Olsen is fighting an injury in the country that he fought to protect?

McCracken: I think it is game changer in sense that it is going to strengthen this movement significantly, like you mentioned earlier, this is going to reflect the revolution in Tunisia, and in Egypt and in Libya, violent reaction from the government is going to bring more protesters out for sure. That is what we are seeing happening today.

Press TV: Alli McCracken, the Afghanistan war approval rating has reached the lowest ever, with the general public in the US, with 34 percent, have said war cannot create real human security and you focus on that, food shelter and education community, why has the US government strayed from focusing on what you have focused on?
McCracken: I think the US government has strayed away from these things because, they are people making money from it. Those war profiteering are sponsoring campaigns which enlighten politician and drew offices, and they are only looking up for interest of special group, which will get them back in the office, in that process they moved away completely from what is actually in our national security interest, and right now the war is on us. And they are not defending our country. And we could put our money into much better use, such as healthcare and education.

Press TV: How do you think this trend could break, in terms of the support the law makers are getting? I did a research on this, there are so many of these law makers, trying to betting the system to get support. That is for example we have corporations that give money, donate money to these public organizations, for whatever causes, as much as a million dollar in one case that I saw, in order obviously for the favors that be returned. How could that be stopped?

McCracken: We need to control money in politics, we need to put a cap on contributions for sure. Taking money out of politics is one of the main messages of occupying movement right now. Politian are all bought out, by the corporations, specially the Wall Street and the war profiteers. Those are two big targets that this occupation movement is going after.

Press TV: Alli McCracken, it seems like that the stage should be set for a third candidate, don’t you think? Maybe an independent candidate that can meet the demand of the ones on the left and the right , the demands of the leaders of the occupy protesters, and the demands of two party, while the supporters of Republicans and Democrats, right now is rapidly decreasing, do you agree with that? Or America is facing to choose the lesser of the two evils come 2012?

McCracken: Hopefully that would not be the case, they really have to choose between the lesser of two evils. The occupy movement has definitely made a point to emphasize that, that is transcending the Democratic and the Republicans dichotomy and hopefully, another candidates whose completely outside and removed from these two parties will emerge. I do not know exactly what the candidate will look like, in order to satisfy across the political spectrum, and there are huge differences between the tea party and the occupy movement, and I don’t think it is fair to compare them but, hopefully someone will emerge. We need complete reform, and I do not think that either the Democrats or the Republicans are capable of anywhere near that at this point.

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