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Violent clashes erupt in occupied al-Quds

Violent clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli regime soldiers on Tuesday in several parts of occupied east al-Quds, as the occupying regime deployed thousands of troops in the holy city.

Zionist regime soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators who were throwing stones at the regime troops. Similar clashes erupted in other neighborhoods in occupied east al-Quds.

Some 40 Palestinians were injured when Israeli soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas.

Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas earlier declared Tuesday a “day of anger” against Israeli regime, a day after the regime reopened a synagogue in the occupied east Al-Quds.

“We call on the Palestinian people to regard Tuesday as a day of rage against the occupation’s (Israel’s) procedures in al-Quds against al-Aqsa mosque,” Hamas said in a statement.

Palestinians say the restoration work at the Hurva synagogue in occupied East al-Quds endangered al-Aqsa, situated some 400 meters (yards) away.

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