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“Wahhabism has no relation with Islam” : Indian Muslim Scholars


A group of Indian Barelvi Sunni clerics attending counter-terrorism conference in the capital New Delhi issued a statement denouncing the ideologies of Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia as the main fund for the deviate group, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Sunni clerics in this conference demanded Indian government to sack all Wahhabi agents from the cabinet.

Barelvi scholars in this conference warned against expansion of extremism among Muslims saying that the deviate sect is fed by Saudi and Qatari petrodollars.

They also warned against Daesh terrorist group which is active in India under different titles and the conferences held in the country to announce their presence and assure their supporters in Saudi Arabia and Qatar of their stance as well as efforts in line with interests of their backers in the Arab states.

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