‘War on Syria, pretext for war on Egypt’

War on Syria, pretext for war on Egypt: Politician

Egyptian prominent politician Hamdeen Sabahi has warned about consequences of any foreign military intervention in Syria, calling on all Arab countries to act against foreign aggressions.
Sabahi, who is leader of the Egyptian Popular Current and a co-leader of the National Salvation Front, wrote in his Twitter page that any attack on Syria would the first step for a future attack on Egypt.
Salehi’s warning comes as US and UK armies have been voicing readiness to attack Syria, based on mixed reports about a chemical attack that is widely believed to have been carried out by Syria militants for making a way for their Western supporters’ military involvement in their war against the country.
“Aggression on Egypt will start from attacking Syria,” Salehi wrote.
He called on Arab governments and nations to adopt a united stance against West’s war on Syria.
“West’s attack on Syria will be devastating and will never lead to freedom of that country. Therefore, all Arab governments and nations should adopt a united stance for the sake of defending their people, and this is an emergency essentiality”.
Russia warned US of dire consequences of military intervention in Syria, and expressed regret that US chose military option while Washington and Moscow had agreed to work on a meeting to help Syria with a political solution.
Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Muallem told a news conference on Tuesday that it was clear a US strike would serve Israel and al-Qaeda interests.
Despite killing of at least 100,000 people in the massive foreign-backed insurgency in Syria, US had withheld a military intervention which they claim could be solution to the crisis in Syria, until a chemical attack was carried out, if any.
Reports of a chemical attack emerged on Wednesday, with the Syrian US-backed opposition claiming Syrian army forces carried out an attack near Damascus that killed 1,200 people.
Syrian government vehemently rejected the accusation and said it was going to investigate the reports.
A UN team of inspectors which were already in Syria headed to the militant-held area, which government and army have been denied access to for months, to investigate the reports, but they were targeted by militants’ snipers.
The investigation was postponed for safety reasons.
Reports of the alleged chemical attack remain foggy, but the US and UK seem not willing to wait for the results of proper investigations which are highly expected to be contrary to what the White House claims it might be.

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