Latin America

Washington’s coup attempt in Venezuela not working: Analyst

In its attempt to stage a coup in Venezuela, the administration in Washington has not made any achievement even though the US has been “attacking Venezuela one way or another” during the past months of Nicolas Maduro’s presidency, says a commentator.

President Donald Trump of the United States on Tuesday renewed his call on the Venezuelan military forces to end their support for President Maduro and his government.

John Steppling, author and commentator, told Press TV on Wednesday that the US has a long history of hatching coup plots in other countries, but “this [coup in Venezuela] didn’t go according to plan.”

According to the author, Washington has attempted to install a “darling” government in the Latin American country, but the “most countries in South America did not recognize [opposition leader Juan] Guido as the new president of Venezuela.”

“The US for the entirety of Maduro’s presidency has been attacking Venezuela one way or another.”


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