Water begins to finally return to over 1 million people in Al-Hasakah

The Syrian government announced that water has begun to arrive to the city of Hasakah in the northeastern part of the country this evening.

According to the governor of Al-Hasakah, Ghassan Khalil, water has begun to reach the city from the Alouk station, and explained in statements carried by the official media that this was done after operating 17 wells and three pumps, filling the main reservoirs in Al-Hama.

Khalil added that the arrival of drinking water to the city from the station took place “after the Syrian efforts and the parliamentary and international pressure on the Turkish regime.”

On the 22nd of this month, the Syrian government announced the start of the arrival of the electrical supply to the Alouk station, which is the only one supplying the city and its western countryside with water.

Turkey accused the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration of cutting off the electrical supply to Ras Al-Ain, which they said caused the issues at the Al-Alouk Pumping Station.

Turkey has rejected the allegations that they purposely cutoff water to over one million people, adding that the blame falls on the Autonomous Administration, who they have repeatedly accused of causing problems inside the country.

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