Water finally returns to 1 million people after Turkish-backed militants blocked supply for one month

The Water Corporation in the Syrian Governorate of Al-Hasakah announced that water reached neighborhoods in the administrative capital after a month-long interruption.

The Water Corporation indicated that water had begun to be pumped to the neighborhoods of Ghuweiran Al-Sharqi, Ghuweiran Al-Gharbi, Layla, Al-Nashwa Al-Sharqi, Al-Zuhur and the southern districts.

This comes about 3 days after the announcement of the operation of the Alouk station, the main supplier of drinking water to the city.

In two letters to the Security Council and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for immediate intervention to oblige Turkey to resume work at the Alouk water station, and to address its “inhumane practices aimed at restricting the civilian population and depriving them of livelihood and life.”

On Sunday, Turkish media quoted a Turkish security source as saying that the “allegations by the Syrian government” about Ankara cutting off water from the Alouk station were “unfounded.”

The Turkish authorities have repeatedly accused the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of shutting down the electricity to the city of Ras Al-‘Ain, which they claim is the cause of the water outage to over one million people in the Al-Hasakah Governorate.

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