West aims to wage a multinational war in Syria: Iran MP

An Iranian lawmaker says the Western powers along with their supporters in the Middle East seek to start a multinational war in Syria.

“By calling terrorists from Libya, Tunisia and some other countries, the West and its regional supporters are after waging a multinational war in Syria,” Mehdi Davatgari said on Thursday.

He further pointed out that, CIA’s supervision over purchase of arms by Syrian militants indicates that the West resorts to any method in order to reach its sinister purposes in the Arab state.

The US has already provided some USD25 million to armed groups in Syria, calling it non-lethal aid to help them purchase communication devices, but there have been recent reports of a covert US plan to practically arm them.

The Syrian government has repeatedly criticized the US and its regional allies, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, for funding and arming anti-Damascus militants.

“By creating chaos in the Middle East, the West, headed by the United States, aims to first provide security for the occupying regime of al-Quds (Jerusalem) and then clear the way for transferring the region’s energy resources,” Davatgari added.

Syria has been the scene of unrest since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of security forces, have lost their lives in the violence.

Damascus says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of militants fighting the Syrian government are foreign nationals.

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