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West exploits media to spread Islamophobia

West exploits media to spread Islamophobia

Religious researcher and pundit in the realm of Islamophobia, Reza Baqeri in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) underscored this very line that one of the main tools west exploits so as to spread the Islamophobia is media.

The religious elite went on to say that those who are behind such willful moves try their utmost so as to project the divine religion of Islam as a threat to west and western culture.

In the next phase, according to him, “they endeavor to introduce Islam as a terroristic religion”, putting stress on this very lie that Muslims are actually terrorists.

In his words, such measures and movement are forwarded in a bid to produce and creat a kind of abhorrence in western World toward Muslim nations.

Baqeri in another line of his speech mentioned that the arrogant world, in point of fact, attempt to “isolate Muslims, placing them under pressure so as to deppening a gulf between them and their Islamic identity.”

The religious researcher mentioned that Islamophobia aims at Muslims’ identity and spur on Muslims so as to resort to western culture and values, all the same to him “research shows they could not gain that much success in fulfilling their malignant aims”.

Baqeri beckoned to the telling role of Takfiri thought in Islamophobia, stating that such takes and credos in western media project a faked picture of Muslims inasmuch as these extremist groups are introduced by western media as Muslims to the world.

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