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Western media monopoly could be broken


IRI deputy culture minister for press affairs, Alireza Malekian, said media war is the main war of the world today adding who is stronger in this field would be the eventual winner.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the 16th Press Festival in Tehran, he said unfortunately those media in present world which enjoy a massive audience are employed by the world hegemonic powers however by an exact information work their monopoly could be broken.

“Media which are possessed by the hegemonic powers, shape the world public opinion and present real democracy as violence,” he added.

He described defense of national solidarity and national rights as the main responsibility of media and news agencies in Iran.

“I believe that even though famous media are under control of the hegemonic powers justice-seeking media are able to reflect the realities in the world,” he added.

Meanwhile, media outlets from Indonesia, Britain, Italy, Brazil, Bosnia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Malaysia, Germany, India, Greece, and a number of other countries are participating in the fair.

A total of 1500 periodicals and newspapers are on display at 600 stands in the event, which runs until October 26.

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