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Westerners failed in Islamophobia

Cleric said contrary to the increasing Islamophobic propaganda, tendencies towards Qur’an has increased a manifest of westerners’ failure in their efforts against Islam.


Hujjatulisalm Ahmad Sharafkhani, cultural deputy of Endowment and Charity Organization referred to the increase of Islamic and Qur’anic tendencies in the world and said the western countries are struggling in the quagmire they have created .

“Since Islam makes use of rationality and religious reasoning to confront oppression and maintaining justice, western countries have induced their nations with the idea that Islam is against western thinking,” the cleric said.

He said since promotion of Islam threatens the interests of the western countries, they launch anti-Islamic and psych-ops to propagate Islamophobia in the world.

“Western countries attribute the heinous acts of some extremist groups like Wahhabis, Al Qaeda and Taliban to Islam in order to disrepute this religion,” the cleric said.

Hujjatulisalm Ahmad Sharafkhani also condemned Qur’an burning as an anti-Islamic act which increased after 9/11 resulting to increasing Isalmophobic moves among western nations.

“Under the pretext of waging religious differences, undermining Muslim unity and hiding their occupations, western countries have started their propagana,” said the religious figure on the formation of Islamophobia and added that the measures were manifest of the fright of western countries from Islam.

He noted that Islamophobia is a new expression which has spread about Islam in western community though it dates back to old days.
Western governments, according to the cleric, have stabilized a fear of Islam with the wrong picture they have given to their people.

“Western countries blame Islam for their retardation,” he said, adding that” Probably one of the main reasons for Islamophobia in the west lies in the fact that appearance of Islam ruined the glory of west.”

He said if all nations listen to the teachings of Qur’an and maintain their unity, they can prevent extremist anti-Islamic moves.


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