‘We’ve Lost Control’ of Pandemic, Top Israeli Adviser Says as Active Cases Spike

The head of the advisory panel helping to craft the government’s response to the latest coronavirus outbreak warned on Sunday that ‘Israel’ had “lost control of the pandemic.”

“In terms of the number of infected, and the fact that they’re scattered throughout the country, we don’t know the sites of infection for most of the infected, so we’re unable to control the outbreaks,” Prof. Eli Waxman, a physicist who heads the panel of experts advising the National Security Council’s deliberations on combating the pandemic, elaborated in a Channel 12 interview.

“In today’s situation, with 1,000 infected [daily], we can no longer disrupt the chain of infection — even if there were a working system to do that, and there isn’t.”

He warned: “We are facing Israel’s greatest ever national civilian crisis.”

The coronavirus cases in ‘Israel’ reached Tuesday 31,186 with 338 related deaths, causing a political crisis in the entity.

The Israeli army also restricted the anti-coronavirus measures among the soldiers, ordering them to wear face masks and observe the hygiene rules.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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