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What is the difference between the armies in a materialistic system and a monotheistic system?

The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a true symbol of self-sacrifice for the sake of the people

When the people feel there is an efficient ground force, air force, sea force and a competent defense force which is ready in the country, they rest assured and feel comfortable. The enemies of the Iranian nation are opposed to this though. Notice that they sometimes say certain things about the Army, about the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and about their relations towards one another in order to agitate the people by portraying the Army Forces as nervous inside themselves. Therefore, in peacetime too, the establishment and preparedness of the Armed Forces in their bases, in their offices and in their headquarters are a source of tranquility for the people.

Now, we need to speak about natural incidents. After the Kermanshah earthquake, the presence of the army and other divisions of the Armed Forces was a vital presence. In other words, if they had not shown their presence in the quake-stricken areas and if they had not rushed to the peoples help, our casualties  apart from various damages  would certainly have multiplied. This was related to the Kermanshah earthquake. Regarding the recent floods too, I ordered the Armed Forces to participate, but I know for sure that even before my command, an important part of the Armed Forces  the army, Sepah and others  were present in the arena.

The Army showed its presence in Golestan before the Crisis Management Headquarters did so. Before the Crisis Management Headquarters could set foot there, the army was there: The fortress of the subjects means this. And this presence was not confined to providing machinery, tools and the like, rather their bodies and physical capabilities were at the service of the people.

A colonel from the army bends down to allow an old man to step on his back so he can climb unto truck! Notice that these are things that will be remembered forever. They will not be lost in history. The Iranian nation saw this. This is being the fortress of the subjects. When the army says that it will sacrifice its life for the nation, we know that this is a genuine claim. The army is working. These are the values that exist. Apr 17, 2019

Are armies at the service of politicians’ ambitions or at the service of the national interest?

Based on what we have seen and learnt, this is often the case throughout the world: armies are established in the name of national interests, but they are not at the service of national interests, rather they are at the service of political ambitions. This has been the case throughout the history of mankind. A man deploys more than a million soldiers to go and occupy Greece, but he is defeated and is forced to return to the country. This was an achievement of our taghuti past, during the time of Xerxes. These things were not done for the sake of national interests. As far as I know and on the basis of what has been recorded in history books and what is available to us, this has often been the case with armies throughout history: they have either been at the service of personal ambitions or at the service of safeguarding taghuti powers.

During the early years after the victory of the Revolution, part of the Army had been stationed in a royal palace in order to protect it. A notice had been put up at the palace which said something along the lines of “basically the Army has been established to protect this government” which is very different from protecting national interests. If we find an army in the world whose beliefs and feelings are the same as those of the people, an army which is truly at the service of the people and national interests rather than at the service of certain individuals, that army is a very valuable army. Apr 22, 2012

What is the difference between an army in a materialistic system and an army in a monotheistic system?

Today, you can see the manifestations of materialistic militarism in the world. Presently, in addition to formally registered U.S. and British troops in Iraq, there are also tens of thousands of mercenaries in that country who are wearing their military uniforms only for money. They have no respect for men, women, the young, the elderly or the privacy of families. They open fire on anyone indiscriminately.

This is the meaning of militarism based on a materialistic logic. Those who are killed on this path are considered wasted, like animals that are disposed of after they perish. There is no ensuing honor and glory.

However, in the case of a military serviceman who engages in a combat to defend his country and nation, to repel an aggression waged by expansionist powers and to promote justice and righteousness, his combat in itself is of great worth. Thus, even if he is unknown and dies anonymously, the angels in heaven will pay tribute to him. He is alive:

“And reckon not those who are killed in Allah’s way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their Lord.” (Holy Qur’an, 3: 169)

They are alive eternally and are a source of inspiration to others. When an army holds this belief and attitude, it will become invincible. Oct 13, 2004

This is the reason why our Islamic Republic of Iran Army, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and other Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic are popular among the people. The people witness that the Armed Forces think and act like themselves and that they have the same beliefs and care about the same values as they do. This strengthens the relationship between the people and the Armed Forces. Apr 19, 2015

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