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When Hezbollah Laughs at Israeli Officer’s ’Theory’


Yahya Dbouk – Al-Akhbar

Zionist soldiersWhen Tel-Aviv solutions become limited, miracles appear. This is what happened with the high rank Israeli officer, who found a required and sufficient strategy to force Hezbollah to surrender in the coming war.

A few days ago, the officer, a member of the military staff, came out with a new combat theory in which Israel will not take the initiative in the next war to hit civilian areas or infrastructure in Lebanon, but will rather take the initiative to target Hezbollah cadres and officials.

According to Israel’s new theory, this is the only thing capable of forcing the party to retreat.

The officer acknowledged, too, that all the intelligence efforts to gather information on Hezbollah and the reported superiority of its air force, for the purposes of the next war will not be of tangible benefit.

“All this proved to be wrong,” the officer said, “but the new strategy and the best solution is only: targeting Hezbollah officials.”

Of course, Hezbollah officials learned about these statements. And of course, they laughed at them.

A joke lies within the officer’s words, not to mention gloating over an enemy who doesn’t have any solution in spite of its great potentials. And hit-or-miss, the words of the officer in terms of expressing the inimitable military genius of Israel and its theory to target Hezbollah officials, present an acknowledgement that all what the Israelis said since 2006, and every novel of victory, competence, intelligence, striking the infrastructure, the theory of Dahiyeh and targeting civilians, all of these novels that prevailed after the July war on Lebanon in 2006, are doomed to failure in advance.

Therefore, Israel is threatening to target Hezbollah officials, now and later, as if it were able to target them in the previous war, but it intentionally decided to leave them alive!

Israel did the impossible to target those figures, but it had always failed. Starting from pounding complexes and a number of buildings in Dahiyeh, thinking that senior Hezbollah officials were located inside them, down to the botched landings in southern city of Tyre and the eastern city of Baalbek, all of which were targeting Hezbollah officials, all of which doomed to failure.

Memory of Hezbollah leadership is not short, as well as the memory of the Lebanese people.

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