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White Helmets, Tahrir Al-Sham Terrorists Preparing to Produce Video on False-Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

The White Helmets and Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists are preparing to produce a video on a false-flag chemical operation in Western Idlib in a bid to accuse the Syrian Army of orchestrating the attack, media sources said.

The White Helmets are preparing video clips from fake chemical attacks on civilians in Jisr al-Shughour region in Western Idlib, local sources in Idlib Province said.

The sources noted that for preparing the false-flag attack, the White Helmets in cooperation with Tahrir al-Sham terrorists have sent a number of gas capsules containing chemical substances to the region.

Meantime, the terrorists intend to prepare the grounds for the attacks by the West, specially the US, on the Syrian soil by carrying out a false-flag chemical attack to blame it on the Syrian Army as the Syrian Army continues its strategic advances in Northwestern Hama.

In a relevant development in late April, media reports said that Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at terrorists and pro-militant White Helmets had fully prepared to launch false-flag chemical attack in Idlib Province.

Tahrir al-Sham and other terrorist groups have coordinated with the White Helmets in Jorjnaz town in Ma’arat al-Numan region in Southern Idlib, the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen TV network quoted local sources in Idlib as saying.

The sources pointed to the terrorists’ attempt to launch false-flag chemical attacks in Idlib at the order of their foreign sponsors, and said that the terrorists intend to use chlorine gas against civilians, including children who have been kidnapped from different regions of Idlib in recent years.

The terrorists plan to provide a pretext for attacks on Syria by the US-led coalition by carrying out false chemical attacks.

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