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Who Is Martyr Badreddine?


Although his life achievements cannot be briefed within a short article, this report summarizes the main contributions of Hezbollah senior commander, martyr Mustafa Badreddine.

Mustafa Amin Badreddin was born in Ghobeiry.

In 1982, martyr Badreddine formed jihadi groups and trained them to confront the Zionist entity. He is considered one of the most prominent mujahidin who encountered the Israeli invasion in Khaldeh and Beirut where he was injured during the clashes.

In 1992, the martyr became the commander of Hezbollah central military unit and started forming the military formations and devising plans. Badreddine also prepared many of the heroic operations against the Israeli occupation, including martyrdom bombings and post raids as well as clashes, which pushed the obliged the Israeli army to withdraw cowardly in 2000.

Martyr Badreddine played a prominent role in confronting the major Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 1993, imposing the Prime Minster Isaac Rabin at that time to acknowledge the fact that the Zionist entity was defeated by Hezbollah.

After the major Zionist aggression on Lebanon in 1996, the martyr managed to oblige the world to acknowledge the Resistance’s legitimacy and its right to defend its country.

In 1997, Mustafa Badreddine had a central role in planning and supervising Ansariya operation which killed scores of elite Zionist troops.

Marty Badreddine further managed to dismantle scores of Israeli spy cells in Lebanon.

With the inception of Syrian crisis in 2011, the martyr was one of the first commanders who confronted the takfiri plot across Syria.

Martyr Mustafa Badreddine continued his jihadi work till embracing the honor of martyrdom in Damascus on May 13, 2016.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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