Why Are We Ready to Fight: An Analysis of the Recent Words of IRGC’s Top Commander

13921130000722_PhotoI‘Why are we ready for a fight’ is the question whose answer will make the US and Israeli presidents realize that our preparedness for battle is not a bluff, but is a reality with deep roots in our religious tenets, which has grown into our culture as Iranians.
The Prophet of Islam has said, “Whoever has not fought for his Imam or does not wish for Jihad, he will die a hypocrite.”

Now in compliance with the Great Prophet of Islam and to show his obedience to his Imam, the Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, has recently stated that “we are ready for the big fight with the United States”. Although the General comes from a generation that has already passed a practical test of Jihad with much honor and glory, his wish for Jihad is actually a statement on behalf of the younger generation who has not tasted the sweet flavor of Jihad and wish for this holy war in order not to die a hypocrite.

This statement raises a question the answer to which could change the approach of the US and Israeli militaries and politicians to the conditions of the Muslim Iranians and make them stop relying on their so-called ‘military options on the table’. This answer could fade away the hopes that the US Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, and President Barack Obama, their Israeli counterparts and future presidents and defense secretaries of Israel and the US have pinned on repeating their “military option” catch phrase and make them realize that our preparedness to fight them is not a bluff, but a reality with deep roots in our religious tenets which has grown into our culture.

The question is why Jihad has been enjoined so frequently in Islam that faithful Muslims have been required to even wish for it?

To answer this question one should contemplate over the root causes of a possible war between Iran and the US. The standing point in the challenge between Iran and the US is the war of paradigms: Theism against Humanism.

In brief, it could be stated that in theism all inputs derive from culture and all outputs should be decent if they are to be accepted by God; and God teaches this through the Holy Quran. The Great Sages define decency as sensing the existence (of God, the person or the phenomenon in question), realizing the limits and respecting the limits.

Input « Function = Culture « Output = Decency

Whenever Iranian war heroes are, for instance, reminded, they are not recalled for their military techniques and expertise, rather, their humbleness, courage, dedication and devotion … are always mentioned to show their decency and faith.

The rich are never recalled in good words unless they enjoy such traits as benefaction, benevolence, helpfulness, having a simple life-style, avoid hoarding and avoid usury.

In the realm of theism never is a politician remembered well unless his end does not justify his means, and unless empathy, helping people, and serving people instead of power quest are among his traits.

In theocracy and a religious ruling system, salvation is above security, and the security of the society is based on culture. That’s why Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei has stated that cultural independence is the requisite for total and full independence. Owing to the fact that Iran’s Islamic Revolution was a cultural revolution and given the statement of the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, who said the causes that gave birth to our revolution are also the causes of its survival, double efforts should now be made to protect the culture that led to the Islamic Revolution of Iran, a culture with such elements as unity, contentment, devotion, sacrifice, martyrdom-seeking, and the like.

In the realm of theism, faith is the most fundamental capital, then comes science, third is the social capital and the last, but not the least, is the material capital. Science is needed to generate faith; society for creating, maintaining and extending faith, and the material wealth should be earned through legitimate ways and spent for man’s growth.

Therefore, why are we ready to fight has two reasons. Firstly, we should desire Jihad to avoid dying a hypocrite; secondly, nothing can help protect the initial and underlying culture of the revolution better than Jihad as it can help boost faith and social capitals for the Islamic Revolution.

But, in the realm of humanism, all inputs are subordinate to economy, and wealth should be the output, otherwise any given input and movement bears no credit right from the start.

Input « Function = Economy « Wealth = Output

In the framework of humanism, material capital is most fundamental and most vital, then comes the scientific capital, and social capital stands the last. In other words, science is valuable if it generates wealth and material capital. A person is important if he or she generates wealth and material capital. Hence, all plans, programs and actions are subordinate to economy and will be valuable if they generate wealth. Now if a movement like a full-scale war runs counter to such interests, proponents of this school of thought avoid it by all means because if it breaks out, they will witness nothing but their destruction and annihilation.

So let me speak of the conclusion right in here: the US statesmen should come to know that any future war between Iran and the US will guarantee survival of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and total destruction and annihilation of the United States, a war of insurance and warranty for the Muslim Iranians. A war Muslims join to help and protect God’s religion and God, in his turn, insures their victory in the end. In this war, victory and defeat have no meaning on the surface, and total victory will be for the Muslims. Thus, the US and Israel should know that they cannot issue ultimatum to a nation whose ideology and thought has no place for defeat since Muslims are not too much in love with anything to be afraid of losing it and be made to accept contempt, despise and disgraced negotiations to escape war.

War is a concept born with the mankind. A concept which has found holy and unholy manifestations all across the globe throughout the history. Although in most wars unjust and evil groups have stood against each other in the two opposite fronts, there have also been wars in which good and righteous warriors have been standing in one front in pursuit of a just cause and holy defense; these worriers have never initiated the war, but rushed to defend themselves and give an immediate response to the aggressors after they came under attack; so they formed the second front.

Some western experts believe that war is driving force behind progress since it causes a change of power, while others say war means a boost in the financial turnover of the military and defense industries which, in turn, results in economic prosperity in the modern era. A third group admire war as they believe it kills the weak and leaves those who are powerful to build the world and cause development and progress.

But, Islam has a totally different view from those of other schools of thought. Islam sees war not for a transfer of power or economic prosperity, but as a means of defending your cause and ideology. And if this cause is holy, all those killed on the path of defending it will be “martyrs” and martyrs are “living, in the presence of their Lord, and are granted gifts from Him” (Holy Quran Surah: Aal-e-`Imran Chapter 3 : Verse 170).

Before Islam, the concept of war was devilish and frightening. It was devilish because it brought destruction and death, it was frightening because its consequences were unpredictable.

Islam has harnessed the devilish nature of war and made it sweet for the Mujahedin in this way: “The holders-back from among the believers, not disabled by injury, and those who strive hard in Allah’s way with their property and their persons, are not equal.” (Surah: Al-Nisa 4: Verse 95)

Islam has also removed fear from the hearts of the believers in this way: “……. how many small groups that have overcome large groups by the God will! And Allah is with the steadfast and patient people. (Surah: Baqara, 2: Verse 249)

But since the confrontation between good and evil will continue to the resurrection day, God has always advised the faithful believers to be in the status of full alert and preparedness for confrontation and war with infidels, saying: ………. prepare all the force and power you have and train horses to deal with your enemies and thereby to frighten the enemy of Allah and your enemy!” (Surah: Anfal, 8: Verse 60)

Contrary to the other schools of thought that recommend war just for materialistic gains and goals and only when absolute victory is ensured, Islam has made war an obligation for every Muslim irrespective of defeat or victory and only for the sake of God’s satisfaction. It has ordered: “…. War was prescribed for you…!” (Surah: Baqara, 2: Verse 216).

Muslims have learned in the school of Islam that when they face the enemy in any field, they should not think of retreat and surrender even for a single moment, as God constantly warns coward believers against withdrawal and retreat: ” O you who believe, when you meet those who disbelieve marching for war, turn not your backs to them. And whoso turns his back to them on that day — unless maneuvering for battle or turning to join a company — he, indeed, incurs Allah’s wrath and his refuge is hell. And an evil destination it is.” (Surah: Anfal, 8: Verses 15 & 16)

However, the US and its statesmen who have been saber-rattling against the Islamic Iran for years now and whose presidents believe that threatening Iran can display the best the limits of their might and power and whose dreams of war on Iran have now become their nightmare, should bear a few things in mind.

The United States should know that in case of military action against Iran, responding to the US attack will be an obligation for each and every Muslim on the basis of his religious teachings, thus, he or she will have no doubt and will miss not even a single moment to fulfill his or her religious duty.

The United States should come to know that if Washington has and does try to convince and prepare the American people for futile, but too costly, wars of 2001, 2012 or a possible war in 2035, on the opposite front and in the school of Shiite Islam, every person is waiting for the reappearance and Second Advent of the 12th Imam since early ages of childhood, and readiness for war and Jihad is among the first prerequisites of this Adventist waiting.

The United States should come to know that if it coaxes the American youth into war with other countries by offering monthly salaries of up to $9,000, we have learned that if we do not do or wish for Jihad and die in such a condition, we will die a hypocrite and such a death will be a true source of shame for us, hence wish and desire for war and Jihad is a source of pride to us.

The United States should come to realize that the children of Imam Rouhollah Khomeini and companions of Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei are not like the youth of the neighboring nations, who are sure Muslims, but have never felt and realized Imam Ali (AS) who said: “No people has ever been invaded at home unless they were first humiliated and despised.” Then, we have learned the lesson that wars should not be fought at home, and that we should move our ground to a different place in the fastest and most confident way.

The United States should come to realize that there are Hezbollah youth who have foreseen a battlefield beyond the Iranian borders and who will target all the 112 countries in which the US has military bases with rising waves of explosions and suicide attacks in less than 48 hours.

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