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Widespread protests in US, Europe cannot be silenced: Rezaei

Secretary of Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei said that widespread protests sweeping across the US and Europe cannot be silenced and will spread in the future.

He made the remarks on Tuesday, noting that the recent protest in the US over the murder of a black citizen is beyond a racist event.

“What we saw in the George Floyd murder is not a policeman’s foot on someone’s throat. It is the feet of Liberal governments on the throats of people. This incident is a re-emergence of the liberal-democratic and capitalist systems while the spread of COVID-19 was the first,” he said.

“These protests may have ups and downs, but they will spread. If we look at some Western documents, we see that there were similar warnings among them,” he noted.

“Fukuyama said that people in Western societies feel that their governments do not value them. He recently analyzed COVID-19 and decided that he can no longer decide between authoritarian or democratic regimes. He just thought that those governments that can gain the trust of their people can be considered adequate. However, he had already maintained that all future systems would be liberal-democratic,” he added.

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