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With U.S.’s green light, the Saudi regime trafficks terror at home and abroad



The Saudi regime obeys the US government, is controlled by them, and looks up to their word of mouth.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 1/8/2016

Saudi rulers are the type who feel their lives depend on the USA.

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Does the “World of Islam” equate to “Saudi Arabia”, a country which is a byproduct of western economy and one that has been formed into this caricature of it? The world of Islam does not identify with such a country!

All crimes committed by Saudi Arabia are done with US’s green light–with support of the US.

There is no sorrow greater than those who claim they serve the holy mosques, holding the key to the House of God, while blindly serving the US; meanwhile, terrified by the slogan of Islamic Unity, and severing ties with US and Zionist!

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