World largest petrochemical complex launches production in Iran

An official figure in the Iranian National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said that world’s largest ethylene producer has been launched in Asalouyeh. He also added that the West Ethylene Pipeline will begin operation.
“The joint production capacity of Kavian is 2 million tons annually and the tentative production has started early December”, said Reza Amiri in a meeting with the media reporters. He also announced the launching of the world’s largest ethylene producer unit in Pars Special Economic-Energy Zone.

Kavian Petrochemical Complex Directing Manager said that the operation of this large unit of ethylene production has made the West Ethylene Pipeline the world’s largest petrochemical pipeline. He maintained that so far, some of the ethylene produced at Kavian has been pumped to Arvand Petro-chemicals as raw material via the West Pipeline.

This official also said that raw material for Kavian Petrochemicals is provided by different phases of the South Pars, and added: “due to delay in commissioning the development of the phases 15 to 18 of the South Pars, currently, phases 4, 5, 9, and 10 of the South Pars supply the ethane feedstock for the petrochemical complex.”

He added that Kavian Petrochemicals can process 2 million and 580 tons of feedstock annually and so far, its first production line has been made operational with a capacity of one million tons of ethylene annually, and it is expected that by the end of June when new phases of the South Pars become operational, the second production line will be operative.

Amiri also said that 190 million Euros and 4500 billion Rials were spent for the design, production, installation, and operation of Kavian Petrochemicals, which were provided by the National Development Fund with the agency of the Bank of Industry and Mine.

Kavian Petrochemical Complex Directing Manager noted that this complex supplies the ethylene feedstock of 7 petrochemical complexes via the West Ethylene Pipeline, and that currently, ethylene with a formula minus 5% of FOB Persian Gulf is sold US$ 950, and each ton of ethane is purchased US $ 175 as feedstock.

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