Yellow Vest’ protesters show up in London, block Westminster Bridge


Pro-Brexit protesters have blocked London’s Westminster Bridge to express support for Brexit, adopting the iconic “Yellow Vests” used by anti-Macron protesters in France.

The Friday rally briefly brought the bridge’s traffic to a standstill as protesters held a British flag and chanted slogans such as “Brexit now!” and “what do we want? Brexit. When do we want it? Now”.

Greater London’s local transport body warned commuters of possible traffic on the bridge.

Being notified of possible arrest by police, the demonstrators further went on to gather outside Downing Street, the official residence and office of the Prime Minister of the UK.

Facing police officers guarding the complex, activists called on them to support their cause against corrupt politicians.

An activist used a megaphone to demand a meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, requesting that she be held accountable for her Brexit promises.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police said that the force was aware of the protests and that no arrests had been made.

The Yellow Vest movement has spread beyond France and across Europe in the past weeks.

Centered around issues such as countering democratic under-representation and flawed neoliberal policies, similar protests have sprung up in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK.

The original movement started in France where people have been protesting against the economic policies of President Emanuel Macron since November 17.

Spurred by rising fuel prices, the protests have grown into a broad movement against Macron’s perceived elitist policies and governing style, who is labeled as “president of the rich.”

In last week’s round of protests, at least 135 people were injured and more than 1,000 were detained.

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