Yemen FM Urges Swift End to Saudi-led Campaign against Yemen


Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassin has said the military campaign being carried out by a Saudi-led coalition against “Houthis” in Yemen should end as soon as possible.

Children killed in Saudi-led strikesIn an interview with the BBC, Yassin said a “short, sharp” campaign was needed to “weaken the rebels”, who have forced Western-backed fugitive Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi to flee abroad.

Yassin said no-one was happy about the intervention by the Saudi-led coalition, which includes four other Gulf Arab states, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan.

But he added: “I think if they completed their mission in the coming few days or few hours it will be stopped. It is a short, sharp campaign which really we have been forced to request.”

Yassin was attending an Arab League summit at the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh this weekend.

Fresh overnight air raids targeted large numbers of Yemeni civilians. Since the air campaign began on Wednesday night, at least 39 civilians have been killed, health ministry officials said. At least six children under the age of 10 are among the dead.

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