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Yemen not to send ‘roses’ in response to Saudi warplanes

Yemeni Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf has condemned the Saudi-led aggression against the country, noting that Saudi Arabia should not expect to be safe.

The Foreign Minister mocked on Saturday what is being circulated by the Persian Gulf and regional media outlets about the results of the meetings that the Saudi Foreign Minister holds with some of his Arab counterparts. Hisham Sharaf said the meetings are aimed at issuing separate statements condemning rocket attacks and drones targeting military targets in Saudi Arabia.

“Those who send their warplanes to us with the aim of killing Yemeni citizens and destroying our cities and villages should not expect us to send roses and doves of peace,” Saba News Agency quoted Sharaf as saying.

In a statement, Minister Sharaf said the Saudi regime is still betting on misleading the world, using the terms of brotherly and friendly countries while at the same time it continues its campaign to destroy Yemen under the umbrella fighting Ansarullah while it, the Saudi regime, know it is fighting the Yemeni army and popular committees.

The Minister called on the international community to think rationally and consciously about what is happening in this part of the world, which is witnessing blatant and brazen intervention by the Saudi-led aggression coalition under the pretext of protecting and restoring the legitimacy of a fugitive and resigned president.

Minister Sharaf sent a fraternal message to his counterparts in brotherly and friendly countries, taking into account the facts of the catastrophic situation in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia over six years of aggression.

“The security and safety of Saudi Arabia is comparable to the security and safety of Yemen and its people,” he said, adding Yemen is not a testing or training area for Saudi aircraft and their pilots”.

He concluded the US and British administration today will not keep the Saudi regime safe from accountability tomorrow, as governments and regimes go while peoples remain.

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