Yemen Revolutionaries Unveil New Anti-Ship Missile Arsenal, Warn against Blockade


Yemeni Ansarullah revolutionary movement unveiled on Monday a new arsenal of anti-ship missiles, warning against continuation of Saudi-led blockade against the Arab impoverished country.

Head of Supreme Political Council in Yemen, Saleh Sammad inaugurated on Monday an exhibition of anti-ship missiles in Sanaa, organized by Yemeni Naval Forces and Coastal Defense Units.

Ansarullah revolutionaries are allied with the Yemeni Armed Forces to confront the Saudi-led aggression.

“Mandeb” anti-ship arsenal was unveiled during the exhibition. Yemeni Naval Forces said that the local-made missiles have the precision of hitting the target.

Sammad hailed the announcement as “great achievement which represents a qualitative change in the formulas of the battle against the Saudi aggression.”

Meanwhile, Sammad warned that the Saudi blockade on Yemen “will have catastrophic effects,” stressing that Saud-led warships are legitimate target of Yemeni missiles.

Saudi Arabia on Sunday boosted its blockade on Yemen, shutting down all the war-torn country’s air, sea, and land ports.


Source: Al-Manar

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