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Yemen warns it could strike deep inside UAE

 Mohamed al-Bukhaiti, a member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, has warned the UAE not to continue its aggressive moves in the south of Yemen otherwise it will be tageted by Yemenis deep inside.

Speaking to “alaraby” website,  Mohamed al-Bukhaiti said that “There is a deal between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, according to which Saudi Arabia will hand over all the southern provinces of Yemen, including Shabwa, to the UAE, and in return, the UAE will employ all its military capabilities as in the past.”

“A few years ago, the UAE sought to stop invading Yemen. We gave the UAE a chance and canceled striking the country deep inside; Unfortunately, the UAE is continuing its aggression again,” he added. 

“Here, I would like to advise the UAE not to continue its hostile actions, because if it goes on with its hostile actions, Yemen will have to attack its territory deep inside. We are in a state of war. 

A member of Ansarullah’s political bureau also said in response to a question from the host about the repetition of the scenario of a ballistic missile attack deep into the UAE: “Yes, for sure! “Because we are in a state of war.”

There have been fierce clashes between Emirati mercenaries and the Yemeni army and popular committees over the past few days in Shabwa province. 

Yemeni forces have shot down two surveillance drones in the south belonging to the UAE. 

The two operations took place while the Yemeni navy also recently seized an Emirati warship in the west of the country in an unprecedented move.

Moreover, the Yemeni navy recently seized an Emirati warship in the west of the country in Hudayda waters.

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