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Yemeni army destroys US-made spy drone in Ma’rib Province

The air defenses of Yemen's army shot down a US-made spy drone belonging to Saudi-led coalition in the airspace of strategic Ma'rib Province.

Yemeni Spokesman for Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree announced Friday that Yemeni air defense forces shot down another drone belonging to Saudis.

“Our air defenses were able to shoot down an American-made ScanEagle spy plane, while it was carrying out hostile acts a while ago in the airspace of the city of Al-Juba in Ma’rib Province,” Saree said.

This comes as this morning Yemeni army intercepted an MQ-9 drone belonging to the Saudi-led coalition in the sky of Al-Jawf province and shot it down.

In recent months, Yemeni forces have shot down several US-made Boeing Insitu ScanEagle reconnaissance drones, many of which over areas controlled by the army and allied popular committee forces in Ma’rib.

The drones were run by the Saudi-led military coalition.

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