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Yemeni Army & Popular Committees Liberate Al-Jawf from Saudi-led Forces

The Yemeni army and popular committees managed to liberate almost the entire province of AL-Jawf from the Saudi-led forces, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

The military spokesman General Yahya Sarea announced that during five days of fierce clashes, the Yemeni forces managed to liberate most of Al-Jawf directorates, kidnapping scores of the Saudi-led mercenaries and leaving hundreds of them dead or injured.

General Sarea added that the Yemeni forces seized much of the munitions and a large number of the military vehicles of the Saudi-led mercenaries during the battle in which rockets and drones were used.

General Sarea also hailed the role of the Al-Jawf tribes in achieving this victory, vowing liberating all the Yemeni territories.

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