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Yemeni Army Regains Control over Fardat Naham, Fires New Qaher1 at Jizan Airbase



The Yemeni army and the Popular Committees managed on Friday to regain control over Fardat Naham and inflicted the Saudi-US aggression and its mercenaries dozens of casualties, Al-Manar Website correspondent said.

Saudi war planes had launched earlier hysterical raids on Naham and Hamedan directorates in Sanaa province, using internationally banned cluster bombs.

Moreover, Yemeni national forces continue to advance on the axis of Marib as Saudi invading forces are suffering a large number of dead and wounded in Najran and Jizan.

In a similar development, the Yemeni army fired new Qaher1-type ballistic missile from at Jizan Saudi airbase.

Also in Taiz, leader of Saudi mercenaries in Al-Hassab region, Tawfiq Dabwan, was killed by Yemeni fire.

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