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Yemeni Hezbollah Leader boasts of advanced missile arsenal, warns Saudi regime

The leader of the Ansarallah movement, Sayyed ‘Abdel-Malek Badreddine Al-Houthi, boasted on Friday about his group’s missile arsenal and aird defense capabilities, highlighting the fact that their capabilities greatly exceed the previous government.

Al-Houthi said that “despite the blockade and the lack of financial resources, his group came to build the military capabilities destroyed by the former regime, noting that “air defense missiles outperformed the weapons that the previous regime received from the Americans.”

Al-Houthi called for serious and responsible action in confronting the Saudi-American-UAE aggression, and he said, “We advise the Emirati and Saudi regimes to stop the aggression. Yemen must be independent, no matter how sacrifices are, and our pride in our faithful identity refuses to accept acceptance of humiliation, surrender, submission, and submission to enemies.”

He said denounced that “the symbols of the previous regime wasted the dignity of the country with the shoes of a simple American employee,” saying that “today comes the role of the army and committees to develop and manufacture the weapons necessary to defend this country in harsh conditions and a fierce war, despite the blockade and the lack of financial resources the previous”.

Al-Houthi added that his country is in a “stage of divine testing, in which we cannot be honest with our dependence on America, and the hypocrites and traitors have submitted to America.

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