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Yemeni public has right to resist US domination

Yemeni men chant slogans as they rally oA political analyst tells Press TV that the US is suppressing the people of Yemen and they have the absolute right to resist and to fight back in the streets against foreign domination.

The comments came after thousands of Yemenis held a demonstration to protest against the meddling of the US in their country’s internal affairs. The protesters also condemned Washington’s continued assassination drone attacks on the country’s soil and called for the expulsion of US marines from Yemen.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Caleb Maupin, from the International Action Center, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Maupin, why is it that we constantly see US officials – the US ambassador to Yemen in this particular case – taking part in meetings with Yemeni officials and literally interfering in the country’s internal affairs? What is Washington up to here?

Maupin: Well for a long time the people of Yemen have been struggling for sovereignty and independence against the United States and the banks and corporations that dominate United States and Israel. They have been fighting for their sovereignty and independence.

At one point they were trying to establish socialism with the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen. They have been fighting against the US-backed regime which is very oppressive and serves Wall Street and they continued the struggle.

And the will of Wall Street has currently being enforced in Yemen with drones and drone strikes in which innocent people are being killed with these unmanned aircrafts that are murdering people from the sky and this is justified in the name of fighting terrorism but it is clear there is no al-Qaeda activity in Yemen and the New York Times admitted as much.

So this is not about the US fighting terrorism, this is about the US continuing to dominate the region along with Israel and suppress the people in the Middle East in their struggle to dominate the world.

Press TV: We know that Ali Abdullah Saleh has been out of politics but just how much influence does he have in Yemen’s politics behind the scenes?

Maupin: Well I think it is very clear that the primary influence the people are struggling against is the influence of the United States. The United States formatted civil war against the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen when they were trying to build socialism. The US is there backing up the regime that currently exists.

While the US was supposedly cheering “democratic struggles” in Libya and Syria which were not democratic struggles at all, they were just destabilization campaigns, they opposed and backed the Yemeni government in suppressing protests that people are actually struggling for their rights in Yemen and in Bahrain and other countries.

So it is clear the US is suppressing the people of Yemen and they have the absolute right to resist and to fight back in the streets against foreign domination.

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