Yemenis hold demo against US, Israel meddling


Yemenis have taken to the streets of a northern town to denounce the United States and Israel for interfering in the country.

The protesters held a mass rally in Sa’ada on Friday against interference by Washington and Tel Aviv in the country’s internal affairs.

They also expressed anger over assassination drone attacks by the US inside the country.

The US has come under fire for increasing its drone attacks in Yemen, where the people have held many demonstrations to condemn the violation of their national sovereignty.

Washington claims it is targeting militants but witness reports and figures provided by local officials indicate that civilians are the main victims of the attacks.

In Friday’s rally, the demonstrators also chanted slogans against the Yemeni government.

“People demand the fall of the regime,” shouted the protesters.

Yemenis have been staging anti-regime demonstrations since the revolution that erupted in early 2011.

Yemeni ousted dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh handed power to Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi, a UK-trained field marshal, under a power transfer deal backed by the US and Saudi Arabia. The deal also granted immunity from prosecution to Saleh and his close affiliates.

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