Yemenis march before Saudi embassy

Yemenis march before Saudi embassy
A group of Yemenis have rallied before Saudi embassy in Sana and demanded the release of Yemenis imprisoned in Saudi Arabia reportedly without trial or legal reasons.
Yemeni media reported that tens of Yemeni people and human rights and NGO activists marched before the Saudi embassy in Sana. The demonstrators demanded release of Yemeni citizens in Saudi prisons without legal reasons of trial.

Demonstrators called human rights and international activists for supporting Yemenis in Saudi Arabia. Saudi government has intervened in Yemeni internal affairs during recent months, leading to wide unrest.

Saudi Arabia has also dispatched 1,000 riot police to suppress Bahraini peaceful demonstrations; it has sent military and financial supports for terrorists in Syria, contributing to spread of violence. Analysts believe Saudi Arabia tries to increase its influence in the region through sending military and financial support to other countries.

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