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Young Iranian people invited to answer to Leader of Islamic Ummah Imam Ali Khamenei’s question

Supreme Leader’s official website (KHAMENEI.IR) has called on the young Iranian people on Wednesday to answer to Imam Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s question on the secret behind the longevity of the Islamic Revolution.

During an address in the holy city of Qom on Jan 9, 2016, Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei compared the 1979 Islamic Revolution with other major revolutions across the world and some other past popular uprisings in Iran as well.

“Why did the Constitutional Revolution (of Iran), with the least demand of limiting the absolute power, fail to survive while the Islamic Revolution with its maximum demand, calling for uprooting the dynasty and monarchical regime, won and survived?” the Leader asked.

Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei called on the young people to analyze the cases and see what parameters contributed to the Islamic Revolution and what kept other revolutions from reaching the final result.

Three years after the Leader’s question and on the eve of the 40th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, KHAMENEI.IR has asked the young Iranian people to send their answers to Leader’s question to the website.

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