Zarif: Constructive interactions continue with world

333933_Mohammad-Javad-ZarifThe Iranian foreign minister said he will have several visits of influential countries in the region and the world in the course of the coming days and weeks, in continuation of Iran’s constructive interaction policy with the world.

According to IRNA, Mohammad Javad Zarif in a post in his Facebook page wrote “The expansion of balanced, comprehensive relations based on mutual respect and from equal stands is in the agenda of the Prudence and Hope Government, which will be seriously pursued.
He said that his visit of Turkey earlier this week had good achievements in expansion of bilateral economic ties, as well as facilitating the consular status of the Iranians in Turkey, expressing hope that the visit’s positive results would be tangible for the “noble and fine Iranian nation.”
On frequent visits of European parliamentary delegations to Iran, the top Iranian diplomat wrote, “It is clearly evident that the majority world countries have realized Iran’s noticeable regional role, and beyond that, they have realized that Iran’s presence cannot be ignored.”

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