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Zionist Army Attacks Political Prisoners In Qidar Prison, Four Injured

Zionist Israel soldiers attacked on Tuesday the Qidar Prison, and violently attacked Palestinian political prisoners before transferring more than half of them to the Ramon detention facility; at least four detainees were injured.
A letter the detainees managed to smuggle out of the detention center revealed that four detainees were wounded when the army attacked their rooms, and transferred sixty of them to the Ramon facility.

Troops attacked the detainees after they refused to be strip-searched searched by the special forces and the prison administration.

The four wounded detainees were identified as Mohammad Abu Al Rob, Maher Khamaysa, Ma’moun Salama and Rateb Hreibat.

The Ahrar Center for Detainees Studies and Human Rights denounced the Israeli attack, and stated that this violation is part of an ongoing Israeli policy that aims at humiliating the detainees.

Fuad Al Khuffash, head of the Ahrar center. said that the undercover forces broke into the rooms of the detainees and forced them out before transferring them to Ramon.

Al Khuffash added that there are 120 detainees in the facility, and that most of them are sentenced to life-terms.

In related news, soldiers moved detainees Ebada Bilal, Dirar As-Seesy and Ahmad Al Moghrabi from solitary confinement in Ramon prison to solitary confinement in Ashkelon (Asqalan) prison.

Al khuffash demanded international human rights groups to intervene, and to oblige Zionist Israel to stop its violations and illegal attacks against the detainees as they are innocent civilians.

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